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Operating Theatre Live TV was created by  award-winning Samuel Piri as a one stop shop for aspiring medics. By medics we mean any student who takes a natural flare to the sciences and who may interested in a career in medicine, dentistry, bioscience, nursing, midwifery, paramedic science, physiotherapy, sports science or phamacology. Built around the main GCSE, A LEVEL, BTEC, IB, National 5’s and Higher’s curriculums and linked to AQA, Edexcel, OCR & SQA exam specifications. 

Reduced price school access for students from just £5.00 per student per month.

 Operating Theatre Live TV brings together a whole host of curriculum linked learning with supporting downloadable learning aids for any aspiring medic. Our programmes are built and delivered by our award winning clinical team who have QTS and over 15 years of teaching experience and have coached thousands of students to careers on health and medicine over the last 6 years. Our programmes range from inside the operating theatre where we conduct real dissection, to 24 hours on the wards with real patients -a virtual work experience where the viewer controls the patient journey. We delve into applications for medicine as well UCAS, UCAT & BMAT coaching resources delivered on the channel by our partners.   

Email carl@itaegroup.co.uk for  full details on our discounted student access for schools, colleges and universities.

 “A absolutely incredible learning resource for students aspiring to medicine, about as perfect as you can get”

P CLEGG, Bradfield College Independent School, Berkshire. 



Get 2 free episodes for your entire cohort

UCAS, UCAT, BMAT & Application tips from UK & International University Medical Schools

Downloadable exam specification linked worksheets to support your students with every programme

Develop students higher order thinking skills as they unpick the pathology of a new patient LIVE

Dozens of interviews with medical and healthcare professionals

Certificates for UCAS as well as coaching on university applications

Students can interact with us LIVE in the studio in real time with exam linked Q&A sessions

"The BEST educational resource I have seen" -UCL Academy, Camden, London, UK

Covers Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Maths at 14-19


Work experience is crucial to demonstrating core skills required as a doctor. With COVID-19 placing heavy restrictions on access to work experience Operating Theatre Live TV now encompasses 24 hours of certified clinical work experience delivered alongside your studies.

By taking part in our 2 consultations each month. You will build up core skills required of any ambitious and aspiring doctor. Each session is 1 hour and will be set on our hospital ward where you virtually shadow a doctor on a ward round in the care setting. You will be front and centre as a patient is assessed and monitored. You will be posed with a variety of scenarios and patients with all types of clinical need, the sessions have a variety of outcomes based on the choices you make during the session.

You will develop wider competencies required of doctors including application of the pillars of medicine, situational judgement, medical ethics, verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning and abstract reasoning. You will reflect on the session to demonstrate other wider skills including empathy, conflict and problems solving. Take away your certificate for UCAS and interview to demonstrate how you have supplemented clinical work experience for your application to medicine.


“Sam & his clinical team are experts in anatomy, hold QTS and have extensive experience in the NHS”


The Medic Portal (TMP), in official partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine, is a global leader in medical school application support, hosting the trusted medical school application resource. TMP supports over 1.6 million users each year. They work with over 70% of the Times top 100 Schools in the UK alongside multiple academy chains and hundreds more schools globally. Their award wining online and offline courses and private tutoring focus on the UCAT, BMAT, Interviews and the Personal Statement, prodding comprehensive coverage for all your application needs.  

Working in Partnership with Operating Theatre Live

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